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Password JDM Ultimate Rear Camber Links

Brand: Password JDM | Category: Alignment Kits

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Product Description

Password:JDM introduces a must for the automotive enthusiast and suspension tuning pro: the Password:JDM Ultimate Camber Links. An unfortunate result of modifying your suspension is that your wheel camber goes to hell, resulting in your ride’s tires only have a small “contact patch” of rubber between you and the road. What this equals is excessive uneven wear on your tires, limiting their life and resulting in premature tire failure and poor ride quality. Having a decent ride doesn’t mean squat if it’s severely compromised by not enough of the tire’s surface being used, making your “grip” limited. Camber is the most important alignment angle, without the proper camber settings, you might as well park your car and walk. It doesn’t matter how much horse power you have, if your set-up isn’t right an old dude on a Ruckus could totally take your car. Being able to tune your suspension can make a huge difference, whether you’re looking for proper alignment for your custom set up so your tires don’t get chewed up all the time in regular city driving, or if you want to dial-in your suspension to cut a few seconds off your lap time. With a bad camber angle, I have seen tire life fall to well below 1500 miles. We can now fix that problem for you.

The patent pending Password:JDM Ultimate Rear Camber Links allows accurate camber adjustments on your rear suspension. You can effectively change the cornering ability of your vehicle from mild to an asphalt-gripping performance monster. The Password:JDM Ultimate Camber Links uses track-grade, self-lubrcating teflon lined spherical rod ends with zero maintenance that provides superior performance over polyurethane and rubber bushings. With nothing to bind or blow out at either end. We designed these all because we weren’t able to find anything else on the market that would stand up to the rigorous demands of a serious track/street car. Everything else on the market were either poorly designed, poorly manufactured, or utilized too small of a rod end to be effective. We call this the Password:JDM Ultimate Rear Camber Links for a reason… All because it is the Ultimate!

- Track Grade, self-lubricating Teflon lined Spherical Rod End Bearings
- Maximum amounts of adjustability in fractional degree resolution
- CNC machined Stainless Steel Misalignment Spacers
- CNC machined Race Grade Stainless Steel lockable Pivot Pin
- Anodized CNC machined Aluminum Adjustment Turnbuckle
- Grade 8 locking hardware
- Eliminates rubber bushings
- 100% rebuildable
- Includes Turnbuckle adjustment wrench
- Made in house in the USA.

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